Denise Barber who is a Quilter receiving her Quilt.

Thank you Letters:

I just want to say thank you for the beautiful quilt you donated to my friend who lost her home on Soda Canyon Rd. I shared with Madeleine Peterson my friend's story of loosing her home. Madi brought a beautify quilt named "Sea Breeze" for my friend Susan. A quilt is the epitome of a cozy warm hug and the perfect gift for someone who has lost a lot of what they hold dear. Your gift brought Susan to tears and you made her feel very special. Thank you for your kindness.

Tedi Loring


​My name is Bob Hayes.  I lived at Mt Veeder since 1993 and was burned out in the 2017 fire.
I received a quilt form your organization and thank you for it.  It's really quite nice.
Quilts - age with you, and never lose their warmth!
Thanks again, much appreciated


Dear Linda and the Napa Valley Quilters,

I cannot possibly express how thrilled I was to receive the lovely quilt that Linda presented to me.  It is similar but much nicer, than one I lost in the fire so it is doubly special.

I thank you so very, very much for your thoughtfulness, your kindness, and your amazing craftmanship and creativity.  I could not be more thankful and feel your love through this cozy quilt.

Sincerely,     Sandy Jones

Dearest Napa Valley Quilters,
                Words cannot express my deep gratitude to all of you for donating the exquisite hand-appliqued and hand-made quilt to me and my husband after we lost everything in the recent Atlas Peak fire.  The quilt is so very beautiful with it’s colorful blue, blue green, and purple butterflies ascending to the moon bordered by lovely green leaves and branches.  It will be a constant reminder of the incredible giving nature of our guild and other quilt guilds in our area.  I just have to say, QUILTERS ROCK!!! 😊   
Experiencing the incredible outreach to us personally, and to observe the outreach extended to all the fire victims from the community has been so heartwarming!  So many individuals and organizations, such as the Napa Valley Quilters and extended quilt guilds throughout the area, have come together to support us and to make us feel cared for.  There has been so much love, light warmth and compassion shared that the energy in the entire Valley has been uplifted after this disaster.  I am so proud to call myself a member of the Napa Valley Quilters and thank you all so much for supporting me and the many other members of our community  and the Santa Rosa community who experienced great loss.

With much love to all of you!
Mary K. Poeck


Bonnie receiving her Quilt.

Peggy Harberts is Very Thankful for this Wonderful Quilt.

Rose Luce and Denise Callahan sorting through some of the Donations

Thank you for your Hard Work!



This wonderful woman ( Linda ) from the Ole Town Quilters showed up at my door with over 70 quilts !! From all of us at NAPA VALLEY QUILTERS THANK YOU !! These beautiful quilts will go to those who have lost everything! We will be hard at work to get more made and distributed.

Shane loves his quilt.  It fit beautifully in the room he is staying in with friends.  He says thanks so much he loves the quilt.   It was very sweet he was much moved by the quilt. I am blessed to have been part of this.  Thanks Rose 🌹