​​Saturday April 8, 2017:  The Program will be a lecture Title "Her Journey" by Sheila Collins.

Sheila Collins creates dimensional, framed fabric art.  Her art combines a background in fashion design, graphic design, and love of sewing and quilting to producr gabric art that is dimensional, bright, cheerful, and fun.


 Saturday December 9, 2017:  HOLIDAY PARTY


In this class you will learn to repurpose blocks and special scraps, quilt as you go and no fail double sided binding. Orphan blocks, small scraps, spare parts, single blocks from classes past was the inspiration for this quilt. It is not hard to make!!  Block are constructed by “slashing” the existing block and inserting thin strips of background fabric, then framing the parts in background fabric and voila you have a new block. You quilt each block, trim and assemble in rows. It is also a great way to use up small pieces of bating. 

2017  N VQ   Programs & Workshops

See Michelle Moore for more details and sign ups.

​​I have never been known to follow the rules, so blending modern aesthetics with traditional quilting makes perfect sense to me. Color, texture, and bold graphics are key elements in my quilts. I also like to ignore the obvious and make unusual choices in my designs - it makes the journey much more interesting.

Whether you read my blog, take one of my workshops, or buy one of my patterns, I hope I can inspire you to follow your own creative path - even if you have to break a rule or two along the way

Sunday August 12, 2017:  The Workshop will be "Continuous Braid" with Pati Fried.


 Saturday October 14, 2017:  The Program will be a Lecture Title "Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?" 

by Pati Fried

Sunday October 15, 2017:  The Workshop will be "Inspiration" Using up you UFO with Pernille Gutschick.

Leslie Vaughn and Sharon Templeton did a GREAT JOB with our Programs & Workshops this year. 

You'll learn a lot about the history of fabric and quilting in America while viewing over 3 dozen quilts dated from 1846-1950 some purchased from junk shops for as little as $5, others at auction for a whole lot more!


Saturday August 12, 2017:  

The Program will be a Lecture Title "Confessions of An Eclectic Quilter"  

​Lynn Koolish is a fiber artist, teacher, and author.

She is most known for her bright colors and hand-dyed fabric.She  also creates

mixed-media fiber art.
She teaches locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally at venues

including International Quilt Festival in Houston and Quilters Affair in Sisters,

She has written/co-written 5 books including Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing, 

The Wonderful Colorful Wonder Wheel of Color (with Kerry Graham and Mary Wruck), Innovative Fabric Imagery for Quilts (with Cyndy Rymer), and More Photo Fun (with the Hewlett-Packard Company and Cyndy Rymer). She also has a DVD Lynn Koolish Teaches You Printing on Fabric.

All are available at C&T Publishing.

Sunday April 9, 2017:  9:30am - 4pm   $35.00   "Daisy Bouquet"

Cutting, fusing and stitching.  It's fun, and worthwhile, to experiment with color and design.  Little changes can truly make a big difference.  I'm making each sample using a different color palette with the hopes tat I'll inspire the students to  experiment and work with colors that speak to them.  


Saturday February 11th:   The program will be a Lecture:

​"Art Nouveau: A Reflection in Quilts  1880 - 1920"  by Sherry Werum of Woodland CA


Saturday January 14th:  Our program will be a Trunk Show by our own member,  Joanne Dalton.  Joanne will focus her talk on the many variations of the quilt:

 "Costa Maya" (- and we've asked her to bring some of her other quilts "masterpieces" to round out the show.)   (Below Workshop)

Joanne would like the word to go out: " If you are signed up to take the Costa Maya Workshop on Sunday, 12th of February 2017, please stay after the *1/14/2017) Trunk Show - so that you will receive valuable information about your project."


 Saturday November 11, 2017:  The Program Title "Antique Quilts ~  Lecture and A Trunk Show of History" by Diane Steele


 Saturday July 8, 2017:  Pot Luck Bazar

I used fabric for the back purchased a long time ago and ended up with a reversible quilt. You can assemble blocks and have the whole quilt long armed also. It is a fun and creative way to repurpose blocks into a memory of projects past.

I'm a passionate quilter born and raised in Northern California. I'm active in 2 quilt guilds, the president on one! I've worked in a quilt shop, collect antique quilts, lecture and teach quilting and am a member of the Calendar Girls, a block exchanging and very fun group! I'm inspired by my fellow quilters, quilt shows and quilting magazines so I always have several quilt projects going at a time. Yes, I'm a Rabid Quilter!


Sunday February 12th:   The Workshop will be "Costa Maya" with Joanne Daulton

 9:30AM  - 4:00PM


 Saturday August 12, 2017:  The Program will be a Lecture  Title "Modern Traditionalist"  


Sunday June 11, 2017:  The Workshop will be "Windmill" or "Hourglass Twist" 

Saturday June 10, 2017:  The Program will be a Lecture and Trunk Show  Title "Journey As A quilter " ​by Sujata Shah

Author of Cultural Fusion Quilts:

A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions

Bold, vibrant, striking―and amazingly easy to make! This collection of 15 modern quilts draws on handmade crafts from India, the American South, and Africa to create a style that's at once traditional and contemporary, artistic and practical. A simple stack, cut, shuffle, and stitch technique makes the sewing fun for quilters of any level, and also makes every quilt a one-of-a-kind creation. No two are ever alike! The author provides alternate settings, plus an inspiring photo gallery of the crafts that shaped her style. Use these projects to enrich your quilting by bringing in textures, patterns, and colors from around the world.

Pernille Gutschick is a professional and award winning quilter, who has taught classes at guilds, quilt shops and on cruises. She holds her own classes and retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has her own business Creative Ps & Qs creating patterns and selling fabrics and photo greeting cards. She likes to work with all different styles of quilting and loves to inspire quilters of all levels to stretch their imagination and abilities through working with each quilter’s strengths. Pernille breaks challenging visual patterns down into manageable steps for the class participants.


 Saturday 13 May 2017 :  The Program will be a Lecture by

Mike “Mac” MacNamara  Titled  “Humor, Metaphor and Meaning In Quilt Making” 

First of all, I go by "Mac." I grew up in New England. My many influences come from seashore life, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, ice storms, floating in the Atlantic, and living in Jamaica Plain - a lovely crazy quilted section of Boston. I also enjoyed the famous autumnal foliage, especially since I know my trees - my favorite is the tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera. And who can't but be influenced by people in our lives: my mom's mother was a state senator; my mom's father was a vaudevillian. My dad's mother was a creative person in the Arts & Crafts Movement: she painted, and she crafted jewelry and furniture. My folks were also creative. I developed blue-collar humor while working at my dad's tire company. His slogan was, "Invite Us to Your Next Blowout!" In college, my English degree gave me a love of the metaphor, symbolic irony, the zeugma, and other writing tools that I translate into imagery, visual puns, ironic humor, and other poetic expressions. My second degree is in Art History and it gave me the appreciation for iconic imagery, signs and signets that represent an emotion, a person, or a place, a person, or an emotion - for example, an anvil can be read as hard-hearted; a set of teeth can signify St. Appolonia; or an oak tree can mean Connecticut. 

​My lectures are of my quilts, my influences in quilt-making, why and how I make my quilts. It is a trunk show and I bring a raft of quilts for people to see, touch, inspect, and take a nap under if it comes to that. The lecture is about one hour (longer if napping happens). 
Quilt-making gives me that outlet to make poetic statements. Sometimes it's simply a way to provoke a question, such as: "Why is that pig in that quilt?" and the response is: "I date my quilts by the year of the Asian animal - made in the Year of the Pig." I may include other literary elements: puns, metaphors, riddles, personal history, rebuses, and plain ole jokes - do you know the joke about the three-legged pig? Ask me. 
Back to quilt-making - sometimes I like using the block design. Sometime I layer fabric, and just cut out the block and mix the layers to recreate the blocks - no measuring. I also like to reinterpret a common block, such as Double Wedding Ring, Lone Star, Sunbonnet Sue, Pickle Dish, Broken Dishes, etc. People often ask me where do I get my fabric? My response: "It comes to me." And finally,  feel as though I've made a successful quilt if it makes people laugh, or if it makes people say, "Hey, that looks like kids made that quilt." I love kid art. 


Saturday March 11th:  The program will be a Lecture by Lynn Wilder of Livermore, CA, entitled 

"Geography of a Quilt."  Lynn is a prolific quilter, pattern maker and teacher.  She has one of those minds which figures out  "a better/more efficient way of making traditional patchwork.

Sunday ~ March 12, Workshop  9:30AM - 4:00PM,  $35.00  ~  "Patchwork Math" Fifteen lucky students will learn formulas and techniques to create several quilting units. This is a technique class (as opposed to a project class.)

​In this class students will be turned on to the tool: Bloc Loc (one of my favorites) and will learn skills that will last a lifetime!  Cost of the class will be $35.00 for guild members.

There are additional tools and a text manual required for this workshop.  I consider them to be an investment in my future work - totally worth it!

Lynn Wilder will have the tools and her "Resource Manual" for sale at the Saturday, 11th March meeting/lecture.