2017 Opportunity Quilt

 December 9th Winner Was

Linda Abra

"IN FLYING COLOR" is presented by Napa Valley Quilters as the 2017 Opportunity Quilt. This Quilt was made using all solid colors from Moda Fabrics.   

It is 75 inches by 75 inches and was machine pieced and machine quilted.

6 for $5.00​  ~  12 for $10  ~ 18 for $15  ~  
24 for $20  ~  30 for $25  and  So on

One of the ways we raise funds to support our community outreach programs and continue to keep our monthly guild programs fresh is by having a Quilt to give away each year.  A pattern is chosen by committee and guild members are invited to participate by donating fabric, sewing blocks, assembling the quilt, binding, quilting and selling tickets throughout the year.   

Tickets may be purchased from a Guild Member or Above via Paypal.    

The button on the top left of this page lets you buy in sets of 6  

6 for $5.00​  ~  12 for $10  ~ 18 for $15  ~  24 for $20  ~  30 for $25  and  So on