​December  ~   Saturday  14th 2019                     

JANUARY  ~ Jenny Lyons

          Saturday January 12th Lecture "Quilting is a Contact Sport"   


June ~ Lisa McKissick  

                          Saturday June 8th Lecture   " Tool Time "

​HOLIDAY POTLUCK!!                 

Please email Theresa Herrington or Kelly Van Camp 

To Sign up for Workshops:  napavalleyquilters@gmail.com

​​FEBRUARY ~ Jennifer Sampou 

                                       Saturday February 10h Lecture  "My Life as a Textile Designer"

Bring your favorite dish to share !

MARCH ~ Mary Boyer

                          Saturday March 9th Lecture   

May ~ Mother's Day Weekend

                      Saturday May 11th  2019

April ~ Laurel Anderson  

                          Saturday April 13th Lecture   " The History of Appliqué "

Bring your favorite dish to share and celebrate summer!!

July ~  PotLuck   Saturday July 13th 2019                   

LISA McKISSICK TOOL TIME!!  Sonoma’s own Lisa McKissick will tell us all about the fabulous new tools that will make your life easier and take your quilting to the next level.  Lots of fabulous notions from Broadway Quilts will be available for purchase!

2019  Programs & Workshops