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October ~ Dixie McBride

                Saturday October 13th Lecture  "Quilt Judges and Jurors, Who Are They?"


December  ~   Saturday  8th   Holiday Dinner                     

May ~ Mother's Day Weekend

                      Saturday May 12th 

Members and Guest Show & Tell from  Bonnie's Patterns

August ~ Sandra Bruce

         Saturday August 11th Lecture  "It's All About Words"


September ~ Geri Patterson-Kutras

                Saturday September 8th Lecture  "The Artist Within"

                  Sunday September 9th Class  "Landscape"​   Cost $30.00 

MARCH ~ Lisa Norton & Lora Zmak

                          Saturday March 10th Lecture  "How A Quilter is Pieced"

Twin sisters, Lisa and Lora have been sewing since they were very young. In 1999, Lisa decided to try quilting and with her neighbor Ingrid, began a block of the month program at her local quilt shop. Unknowingly, Lora, living a 1000 miles away, decided to try quilting and began a block of the month program with her friend, Inger. It’s a twin thing. The sisters took to quilting like ducks to water. As artists, it wasn’t long before the girls were making their own patterns and designs. Fast forward to 2012, the sisters began Material Girlfriends Patterns.

Lisa has a BS degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and does most of the design work for their patterns. Lora has a BS degree in Interior Design and Textiles lends her skills to color and fabrics, finishing their quilts with incredible stitching with her long-arm machine. Both enjoy the piecing and often get together and sew with their mother, Carolyn. The girls joke that it takes the two of them to make one complete quilter.

Lora, her husband Kelly, and their two daughters, moved back to California and reside in Clayton. Lisa, her husband Michael and their three sons reside in Livermore. The sisters live just an hour from each other and get together weekly for sewing and design fun. Their love of quilting is contagious and they both eagerly share their passion with new and used quilters by teaching and lecturing at their local shops, guilds and quilt shows.

Margaret Geiss-Mooneyis an art and object conservator in private practice since 1979. She provides a full range of services including consultation; on-site examination; photo-documentation; technical analysis including microscopy; condition reports; cleaning; stabilizing; treatment; replicas; construction of custom designed supports, forms and boxes; collection care services and preparation for display and/or storage. She can provide recommendations for a full range of media and artifact types (including those based on cellulose, leather, metals, silk, wool, synthetic and other fibres), specializing in costume, costume accessories and textiles. Ms. Geiss-Mooney is available for both short-term and long-term projects.

November ~ Youngmin Lee

              Saturday November 10th Lecture  "Korean Patchwork "Bojagi" "

                Sunday November 11th Class  "Bojagi Textile Art Seam Technique"​   Cost $35.00 

JANUARY  ~ Pernille Gutschick

                       Saturday January 13th Lecture "Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?"

​                             Sunday January 14th Workshop "Inspiration ~ Using Up Your UFO Blocks"

                                   Cost is $10           9:30AM (set-up)    10am - 4pm Workshop

Hi! My name is Bonnie K Hunter, and I am a Quiltaholic! Not a day goes by that I am not dreaming, plotting, planning, cutting, stitching ((and un-stitching!)) on SOMETHING Quilt-Related!
I am honored and blessed to share my love of scrappy quilts through traveling this wonderful world of ours --visiting quilt guilds and shops and giving lectures & workshops, wherever they may be.
Visit my Calendar and you just might find me appearing somewhere near! I'd love to meet you!
Take some time exploring the website. You'll find lots of tips & techniques, and many free scrap patterns to help you put that precious stash to good use! If you like what you find in the free-stuff, check out my Books! 
I enjoy writing a regular column for Quiltmaker Magazine called "Addicted To Scraps", helping and hopefully inspiring you to put your own Scrap User's System to work to create more quilts in less time!
I'm busy in blogland and on facebook--I just love being connected to Quilters! Visit my Blog to keep up with my doings!  We've got free tips, techniques and patterns running over there too! Not to mention recipes and other good stuff.

June ~ Teresa Duryea Wong

                      Saturday June 9th Lecture  "Cotton and Indigo from Japan"

​​FEBRUARY ~ Margaret Geiss-Mooney  

                                       Saturday February 10h Lecture  "Fabric & Quilt Conservation

2018  Programs & Workshops

July ~  PotLuck   Saturday July 14th                     

APRIL ~ Bonnie Hunter

     Saturday April 14th Lecture  "Addicted To Scraps" Cost $10 to NON-NVQ members.

       Sunday April 15th Class  "Hawk's Nest"​   Cost $85.00

       Monday April 16 Class  "Talkin' Turkey"   Cost $85.00